Your side hustle has great potential, let’s unlock it together.

Running a side business while working full-time is challenging.
Meeticks gives you the necessary tools and support to make the process a little easier and help you turn your passion into a successful business.

All in one

Do MORE for your business

Access more customers by selling online, digitize your operations and access financial solutions to develop your business in a sustainable way.

Sell more

Sell more through Meeticks and increase your revenues. Access more customers across the nation through our WhatsApp Chatbot. We handle the marketing, while you focus on the products.

Digitize your operations

Simplify your day to day activities by digitizing your tasks that take too much time: Order management, stock refill, book-keeping. Learn more about your business so you can grow your business.

Access stock

If you are a tuckshop, street vendor, reseller, or mobile kitchen, get access to stock from a wide range of suppliers at better prices, delivered to your business.

Be ready to grow your business.
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