What’s in a name?

Since we started the company, whenever we would introduce ourselves and our startup, Meeticks, we often got people asking… “what?”

Admittedly, “what” was not the best of responses one would expect to get 😆, but it is a conversation starter, and allowed us to share our mission.

So for many of you wondering what Meeticks means, or if there is any meaning at all, here is a quick breakdown.

🌍 Origins – community and culture

As founders, it was important for us to have some African meaning in the name when we started. After throwing a few ideas around and doing translations on google, we landed on the word “Meetlo”. Meetlo is a Sotho word meaning customs, or our culture, or traditions. In Setswana that would translate to “ngwao, or setso”.

Community is a big driver that informs what we do at Meeticks – who we are solving for. We intently look at and listen to the communities that we work in, understanding their culture, their customs, and their way of doing things, espousing their values.


That said, we develop solutions through the use of technology. And that’s where the “Ticks” in Meeticks comes from. Ticks is simply a checkmarks, and in our context, ticks in messaging applications signify that a message is sent and delivered, then seen (or blue-ticked 😅).

✅ Bringing it together, we had Meeticks.

Our mission is to improve the livelihood of African communities through inclusive technology.

If you are an producing, farming or manufacturing Entrepreneur in Botswana and you are looking for market, we invite you to join us. Visit www.meeticks.com to register your interest.